I am as much an auctioneer by choice as by training. To me, auctions isn´t something I do; it´s more like a part of what I am. I find the ability to entertain and at the same time to move souls most alluring. Auctioning has its own language, and if you are one of those who likes the chanting of an auctioneer for its own unique beauty, this site is dedicated to you!

This section of my web site offers the following pieces of information:

My Career: Where I started and where I am
My Performances: Information about where I have performed so far, with pictures as available.
Personal Stats: Who I am; where I am from; what I have done this far, and what I do today.

My Career

I started working for an Auction company in the northern suburbs more than 11 years ago. I found the passion for the trade through my in laws and quickly felt the need to establish my self as an auctioneer. With more than 1800 auction done the last few years I am currently working with one of the biggest auction houses in South Africa, living my passion. In 2012 I was voted the South African Bid Calling Champion and represented South Africa in The Untied States at their Annual International Bid Calling Championship. Out of 135 competitors I ended in 37 place which for me was an highlight of my career.

My Performances

I have done auction all over South Africa and in our industry in some of the weirdest places imaginable . My charity auction career of course is where I always find my love for the industry. To be able to use the God given talent to sell an item on stage and make a different to someone live, you cannot ask for more. I have done numerous wine auctions, art auctions, fashion shows and my personal favourite , sport membroblia auctions for charity.

Personal Stats

I have worked with the likes of Nick Mallet, Kobus Wiese, Toks van der Linde, Minki van der Westhuizen, and most of the recent Idol winners, Heinz Winkler, Anke and Jody. I have also performed charity auction for Trevor Manuel, Solly Philander and Mark Lottering.

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